Team up with a mentor to make your child fit

Physically Fit

Enhance your child's foundation with a balanced nutrition plan that shall enhance energy levels, physiological and cognitive function

Psychological Fit

Ideal development of character and personality goes a long way in achieving success in all areas - intellectual, social and beyond 

Emotional Fit

A happy, expressive and productive child is the result of the experiences he gets and our tools help enhance the quality of his experiences 

Dedicated mentorship and tailor-made program for every child



 Nutritional assessment followed by diet preparation


Parenting knowledge and lifestyle design  


Handwriting analysis followed by graphotherapy 

🕗 For Ages 8+

👤 One to One Mentorship

🖤 Support + Assistance

🛰️ 360 Development

🎓 Academic Edge

➕ Behavioral Development

The 360° Child Advantage


Functions with optimal energy levels, creativity and achieves more due to a better mind and body 


Expresses himself freely, is confident and shows a healthy behaviour due to balance of emotions 


Is a happy child due to good relationship with parents, ability to channelize energies and a good psycho-social framework